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A simple tomato pasta

There is nothing better than a simple meal to prepare when you get home after a busy day.

This simple pasta recipe only has two main ingredients. Tomato's and pasta. Too that we can add olive oil, garlic and basil.

Cook your pasta until al dente. Which is basically around 8 to 10 minutes. Make sure you add plenty of salt to the water before you add the pasta.

Short pasta is best for this meal. It will be easier to spoon up the pasta with the tomato's. I like Fusilli, the spiral pasta, when I cook this meal.

While the pasta is cooking it's time to prepare the tomato's. Cherry tomato's are plentiful from the supermarket store. The cherry tomato makes a great treat with pasta. A punnet of cherry tomato will do nicely.

You can cut the tomato's in halves. Sprinkle with pepper and salt if you like. Drizzle olive oil over the tomato's. Squeeze a little lemon on top. Add a few basil leaves. If you don't have basil. spring onions are great too. Chop to size and adorn the plate.

When the pasta is done, place on your plate and top with the tomato salad. Add a little more olive oil and pepper if you prefer to taste.

The beauty of pasta meals is that what you have in the refrigerator can be added. I like cheese. Ham is also friendly on a quick simple meal.

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