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Anelletti with Sicilian Pesto

Using our Anelletti pasta and our Sicilian Pesto make a delicious Italian style meal. Of course you can use another Pasta Sauce if you desire.

The Sicilian Pesto has basil, dried tomatoes, pine nuts, "Pecorino" cheese, sunflower oil, extra virgin olive oil, salt, garlic, acidifier: citric acid.  One 220g jar should be adequate to mix with the anelletti.

You will find the Anelletti pasta here on our website and the Sicilian Pesto here

Goat cheese is recommended as a very unique tasting cheese that adds a true flavor to the dish. Goat cheese is available from good deli or from some specialised supermarkets. The flavor of the goat cheese adds the texture of a fine meal.

If you prefer to add some real tomatoes to add bulk to your meal, use 5 large firm tomatoes you can cut. Using a sharp knife, make an incision in the form of an X on the tomatoes and immerse them in a large pot of boiling water for 30-40 seconds. Using a slotted spoon, take the tomatoes out of the pot, saving the water for cooking the pasta. Let the tomatoes cool in a bowl of cold water. once cooled, peel them, divide into quarters, and remove the seeds.

To add more bulk, try diced carrot and celery. I like to add beans for a protein boost.

Bring the water used for cooking the tomatoes to a boil once again, add a handful of coarse salt, and cook the anelletti pasta until al dente (6 - 8 minutes). Meanwhile, pour the pesto into a large bowl with the tomatoes. Drain the pasta and combine with the pesto and tomatoes, adding a tablespoon of oil. Mix thoroughly. Serve on individual plates, topped with a drizzle of of oil, and if desired, another sprinkling of freshly ground black pepper. Add grated goat cheese as desired for that extra flavor.

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