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Crispy Pasta Chips

If you are into chips of any sort, you have to try these pasta chips. Home made and scrumptious. The video explains it all but here are the basics.

A treat the whole family will enjoy.

All you will need is 500g Rigati Pasta, mixed spices, and 1/2 cup corn flour and 1/2 cup plain flour.

You can use any pasta that you have. Recommended is Rigatoni, Lisci, Penne, or Anelletti pasta.

You can even make spicy linguine pasta sticks by breaking the linguine into 3-4cm lengths and cook.

Cook your pasta the way you like best. Al dente, and drain.

If you are making a few (3) different mixes then you will need 3 suitable containers with lids.

In a container with lid add the flour and mix together dry. When mixed add some of the pasta

and with lid on, shake it all about so that the flour mix coats the pasta.

In a deep pan add oil (enough to cover your pasta) and heat. When hot add your flour coated pasta into the pan taking care. When the bubbles settle down, they are ready to be removed.

Let the pasta drain and then add them to a container with lid. Sprinkle on your spicy mix, replace lid and shake it all about. Covering the pasta with spice mix.

Ready to crunch. So simple and so much fun to make. The kids will love them. They make a great snack for the kids to take to school, for you to take to work, or just lazing around home relaxing and snacking.

The beauty of these snacks is that you can make your own spicy mix. Try sugar and cinnamon, or chili and oregano, salt and vinegar... the list goes on.

If you are adventurous enough try coating them with cocoa and icing sugar. A treat at any party.

The things you can do with pasta! What would mama think.

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