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Deep fried spaghetti and meat balls

Ever have leftovers. Of course you do. Don't really feel like them again and again. Why not deep fry them. Change the taste. Change the texture. Change the fun.

OK so you are left with last nights leftovers of spaghetti and meatballs (spaghetti and anything). You don't really feel like warming them up again to eat. But you don't want it to go to waste. We have all been there.

The video is a great insight into deep frying foods. It's fun, and you can do it.

So why not deep fry...

You can deep fry leftovers and make a delicious fresh tasting meal to feed the family, guests, or just yourself. Quick and easy to do, and if you need to impress, this will do it.

Making batter is an easy task. At the start of the video they use beer and flour. Mix it up and good to go. In fact you could make a wine and flour mix or plain water and flour mix. Its the coating you make that is important. You can add egg and pancake mix if you want.

The idea of putting the spaghetti in cup cake dish and freezing it allows the ingredients to bond together for what we need. It only needs to be firm. It doesn't have to be frozen you can do this using a metal soup ladle spoon too.

When you mix your batter, each spaghetti component is covered in batter and then deep fried in a wok of oil. You can use a soup ladle spoon to pickup the spaghetti mix and dip into the batter, then transfer to the deep fry. Pour the ladle into the oil. Don't over fill the ladle.

Yes you could just pour the mix into the wok from the ladle. If the oil is hot enough it will cook the batter fairly quickly keeping the initial shape of the spaghetti creation.

It takes a few minutes but then its done. Leave to drain. These are great to eat. You can add sauce and cheese to taste.

The kids will enjoy them, guests will think you have created something wonderful. And you get to use your leftovers.

I hope you enjoy and try them out.

Fun in the kitchen and at the table.

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