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Fusilli Cinnamon Twist Snacks

Cinnamon twist snacks are a delight and so simple to make your own. Enjoy anytime, and keep in plastic containers. A treat for family, friends, and that quiet self time.

For this recipe we are using Fusilli but you could also use Anelletti rings. The anelletti makes for a special treat.

Our video is shall we say interesting, but the idea and process will be similar.

What you will need

500g Fusilli (you can use 500g Anelletti)

Big pot salted water


Oil of choice

Mix of cinnamon and sugar

First we will cook our pasta. This will make our pasta softer and more effective when we deep fry it. You could deep fry it directly but it will not puff up nicely.

In a big pot of salted water bring to boil and add our pasta. Allow 8 - 10 minutes for al dente.

Drain and let cool.

In a wok add oil to cover pasta and bring to heat. Add the pasta carefully and allow it to brown slightly then remove to drain and stand. Whilst pasta still little sticky go for cinnamon.

If you have a large sifter bowl add the pasta. Sprinkle the cinnamon and sugar mix over the pasta to effectively cover. Place in serving dish or plastic containers.

You could if you like, use icing sugar. A coating adds a new dimension to this mix. Leave off the cinnamon and sugar mix though.

These snacks are great fun and very diverse. I like the Anelletti because they are small and round and easy to snack. I am staying away from over salting but you could just simply sprinkle with salt and snack.

Pasta fries are a great family treat. The kids will like them and the adults will ask for more. Price! you can work it out. And the kids can choose their own flavours. Try them in jelly!

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