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Simple Pasta Dish

This is such a simple and quick meal to make. As you can see I have used spaghetti but you can use any pasta for this dish.

I had some pasta sauce which I added and a slice of cheese to top it off. Yes a slice of toast, but the main meal is just pasta, sauce and cheese.

The pasta took 8 minutes to cook. I drained the pasta and added the sauce out of the jar and gave it a stir. Topped with a slice of cheese and a slice of toast as an accompaniment to the dish.

It is not fancy but it is quick and simple. As I said you can use any pasta you have in the cupboard with this.

You can preheat the sauce. I just added it as soon as I drained the spaghetti. The sauce was out of the cupboard, and not the refrigerator. The spaghetti warmed it enough for me to enjoy.

Sometimes it's nice to come home put a pot of water (add the salt) on the stove to heat up and when ready add the pasta. When I have work to do, this is my solution. Time wise, 30 minutes later all done, even the dishes. And I can continue to work.

Pasta is one of those ingredients that you can quite easily make a decent meal. Add a ripe tomato or the rest of last nights meal to the plate and it's ready. I always have a few packets of pasta in the cupboard along with a few jars of sauce. Even add a couple of boiled eggs with pepper can turn a plane dish into a little excitement.

You can add butter while the pasta is hot. Let the butter start to melt and give the pasta a stir. Add a little chilli, and pepper to the sauce, and some chopped mint if you have it.

If you prefer a little more substance, try it with tinned tuna or mackerel in natural oil. The oil covers the pasta nicely with a little stir, then add the fish. Again tinned fish is always a quick process keeping the preparation time to a minimum.

If you prefer a little spice, there are many spiced fish on the shelf. Always a good source of Omega 3 and other minerals.

Hope you liked this quick and simple recipe. It's not rocket science, just plain simple cooking when time is not with you.

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