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The Single Persons Pasta Special

If your single and need to up your eating or want to impress the partner then this recipe is for you. Simple, quick and looks good.

This is a great simple recipe that looks health and taste great at the same time. If you are out to impress, then this will do the job

What you need:

500g pasta (any pasta will do - what you have in the cupboard)

500g bag frozen mixed vegetables (chunky for the boys, small medium for the girls)

Pot for the pasta

Wok for the fry

cooking oil of choice

Spice to taste:





In your pot of salted water, get to boil and add pasta. Gentle boil for 8 - 10 minutes till al dente. Drain and let stand. While this is cooking start the wok.

In the wok add oil to heat. When hot add your mixed vegetables and stir. Add the spices of choice and stir well. Keep heat low and working.

Add the pasta to the wok and stir. Allow the pasta to color. Keep mixing. In a few minutes it will be ready, and it looks good too.

There are a variety of mixed vegetables in the supermarkets. You can buy Asian mixed vegetables, Chinese mixed vegetables, Stir fry vegetables, various mixes of vegetables chunky or diced. Be adventurous.

Any pasta is suitable for this recipe even spaghetti. But for simplicity the small shape pasta is desirable for ease of consumption.

The end result looks professional, healthy, and did you really cook it yourself!

Enjoy, try it out for a treat and to impress. Why not.

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