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What tools we need to cook our pasta

Updated: Oct 18, 2020

I was looking to see what tools I had to cook pasta. Every kitchen will have varying utensils to cook pasta. I came up with a list that I though would be useful.

Here are a few I though might be useful in the kitchen like a large pot, a spider, and soup ladle. I have offered up a link to view these items. Of course you may have your own utensil that have kept you alive over the years. You can tell us about them below in comments. For now I have my list to share with you. There is no order, it is as it flows out my head. Same as the way I cook.

Starting with...

A large pasta pot is essential

Apparently the most common mistake home cooks make is not using enough water or using a pot that's too small. Not having an Italian mother to tell me other wise, a pot has always been a pot. But now I have a large pot. I use one similar to this I found at amazon

The secret Ingredient

Salt. The pasta cooking water should be well-salted. It should taste like the sea. At least that is what I am told, and well, the end result is always pretty good.

Wooden Fork Wood is natural. A long-handled wooden fork to stir and separate pasta as it cooks and test for al dente. A must have when cooking. I use the one I purchased from amazon here.

Wooden Spoons You can purchase wooden cooking spoons like these at amazon. I have lots of them in varying sizes with handles of varying lengths for mixing, stirring and tasting sauces.

Soup Ladle A pasta ladle is handy to have when going for the last of the pasta. For soups, and to spoon sauce over cooked pasta. The stories I could tell about the soup ladle. None the less it is handy to have one in the draw.

Grater A four-sided one will do for cheese, vegetables and nutmeg like this one at amazon. If you can, get one with a detachable bottom to hold grated cheese. A marvelous rotary cheese grater is made by Kleva with different size apertures and a small container to catch cheese as you grate, no wasted cheese. The one I use (view here at amzon) seems to be in constant use.

Skillet, frying pan and sauce pan A skillet like this one at amazon is a useful tool in the kitchen form any reasons. Some sauces require small pans others larger ones especially in the case of the pasta being added to the sauce for a final toss or mix. Heavy bottomed and with low sides is a good idea. If I was limited to one, it would be medium sized, heavy bottomed with a long handle and a lid. Oh, that's what I have already.

Food Processor A food processor or blender is so useful int the kitchen. I use it for fruit smoothies and vegetable juices but you can also make your own sauces too. A wonderful addition to the any kitchen. Great for chopping, dicing pancetta, preparing pesto, pureeing sauces and tomatoes. I found over the years the cheap ones do not last. This one at amazon is similar to mine which I have now had for several years.

Wooden Chopping Board A good quality, heavy kind of board will not splinter. You can find them at the market or local woodcraft shops will have them. It's good to have a few at hand. At least two sizes are ideal. One for vegetables and meat and one for rolling out dough. I have my uncles butchers block not unlike this one here

Slotted Spoon It's good to have a large slotted spoon or scoop perfect for lifting pasta and bits from hot sauces. I have a few. The last ones I purchased were these here

Pepper Mill Always have a good pepper mill to freshly ground your pepper. I love fresh ground pepper on my tomatoes. I have this big mother here

Wire Whisk

The wire whisk, a tool with more purpose than designed for comes in different shapes and sizes. I have some like this here. Very useful to have.

The Spider (view @ amazon) is a must have.

The wire netting of the spider helps you grab handfuls of pasta like your colander would. The difference: all that starchy water is yours to keep. Did not realise this until I got one.

A Colander (view @ amazon) is a must.

You need a colander even if you have the spider. The colander is great for draining veggies and useful for draining your pasta.

The Tongs

Tongs are handy for so many things not just cooking. Although mainly for cooking. You can find them in any good market store. I use these here from amazon.

So there you have my kitchen tools I use for cooking pasta dishes. I must confess I take the easy process. Simple as packet pasta, jar of sauce, and a few fresh ingredients like tomatoes and eggs and beans. Sometimes I will go full cook and make bacon!

I don’t make home made pasta, I am too lazy for that process. I am told the equipment needed to make fresh homemade pasta consists of fairly basic items. At a minimum you will need a work surface, measuring cups and spoons, rolling pin, knife, and your hands for mixing and kneading. Already too time consuming.

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